Moons and Junes - Fano


Fano is a brief made from silky-soft mesh lined with breathable cotton. Trimmed with doubled layered mesh at the front, it only has a single-layer at the back, giving an all-sheer, sexy look. Flattering seams are angled to emphasize the shape of your butt and length of your legs. Fano offers medium coverage on the back and has been designed with a slightly wider and tighter crotch for your comfort.

95% polyester, 5% elastane. Made in Turkey.

Silky-soft mesh
Breathable cotton
Flattering angled seams
Wider and tighter crotch
High-quality microfiber material
Has room for your butt
Has softer and thinner elastics
Lined cotton has been discretely stitched
Washing: 40°C, no tumble dry